Private recordings of the Modern Jazz Quartet in my collection

In the following you will find a list of my collection of private recordings of the MJQ. It is a short version, full version with tracks I will send upon request by email. Some recordings on the preceding page are based on private recordings, but they have been commercially available as bootlegs. So, this list includes private recordings, which I have managed to get by exchange.

  1. MJQ at Studio 35 de la Radio Française. Four broadcasts 1956-57. One CD.
  2. MJQ in Newport Jazz Festival 3.7.1959, One CD.From Wolfgangs's Vault.
  3. MJQ with british musicians Ronnie Ross (bs) and Joe Harriot (as) during a tour in UK. Three + one + one +three CD's recorded 2nd and 4th of December, 1959. CD's from different sources, partly same performances.
  4. MJQ at Concert in Brussels 5.11.1961. One B/W DVD.
  5. MJQ in Newport Jazz Festival 1.7.1965, One CD.From Wolfgangs's Vault.
  6. MJQ at Concert in France 1.10.1965. One CD.
  7. MJQ at Concert in France 2.10.1965. Two CD's.
  8. MJQ in Studio 104 French Radio 3.10.1966. Two CD's.
  9. MJQ in Gorizia, Italy March 1, 1969, two CD's, sound is not good.
  10. MJQ Newport a Paris 1971, one B/W DVD.
  11. MJQ in Nice Jazz Festival 20.7.1972, one B/W DVD and CD. Now better versions.
  12. MJQ in Philharmonic Hall 3.7.1973, One CD.From Wolfgangs's Vault. A short concert.
  13. MJQ at Wollman Memorial Rink 3.7.1973, One CD.From Wolfgangs's Vault. A short concert.
  14. MJQ in Tokyo, April 1974, two CD's.
  15. MJQ in Capital Jazz Festival, England 24.7.1982. One color DVD. (Corrected date)
  16. MJQ in Nice Jazz Festival 10.7.1982. Two CD's.
  17. MJQ in Nice Jazz Festival 11.7.1982. One CD.
  18. MJQ in Pori Jazz Festival, Finland, 17.7.1982 . One color DVD.
  19. MJQ in Dominion Theatre, London 22.3.1983. Three CD's. Third CD is from a BBC radio program after the death of John Lewis. It contains tunes not on the other CD's plus some comments of the speaker and John discussing with Milt. On second encore "Bag's Groove" Ray Brown is playing bass.
  20. MJQ in San Remo Jazz Festival, 20.7.1983. Two CDs.
  21. "Old MJQ" at NDR Jazzworkshop, Hamburg. 27.10.1983. First part of the concert, one CD. A historic performance! (Second part of the concert, "new MJQ" is on my CD no 66 and partly on a DVD, see next item). (John, Milt, Ray and Kenny). Four tracks+one incomplete on color DVD-RAM and DVD-R. (Same as in YouTube).
  22. MJQ at NDR Jazzworkshop, Hamburg. 27.10.1983. One DVD from a German Broadcast.
  23. MJQ in Berlin 28.10.1983. One CD and one color DVD with 7 tracks from Youtube (Actually from the sender Freies Berlin 1984).
  24. MJQ in Paris 29.10.1983. Two CD's.
  25. MJQ in Perugia, 11.7.1985. One color DVD.
  26. MJQ in Tokyo 1985. One CD.
  27. MJQ in Osaka, 1985. Two CD's.
  28. MJQ at Antibes Jazz Festival 21.7.1985, one CD.
  29. MJQ at Molde Jazz 25.7.1985, one color DVD. Includes interviews. From Norwegian TV's Home Page.
  30. MJQ at Satin Doll in Tokyo 1986. One CD. Also color DVD-RAM and DVD-R versions, which have one additional track: Bag's Groove.
  31. MJQ in Tübingen, Germany 22.6.1986. Digital MP3.
  32. MJQ in the Royal Festival Hall, London June 23, 1986. One CD.
  33. MJQ in Bath Festival 7.6.1987, Now two CD's with excellent sound with announcements and interviews. BBC had planned to issue this, but John Lewis refused.
  34. MJQ in New York Marriot Marquis Hotel with violinist Itzhak Perlman 1987. A YouTube video, "Summertime".
  35. MJQ in North Sea Jazz Festival, The Hague, Holland 16.7.1982 (two tracks) and 11.7.1987 (nine tracks).Digital MP3.
  36. MJQ in Nice Jazz Festival 16.7.1987. Two CD's.
  37. MJQ in ZDF Jazzclub, Stadthalle Leonberg, Germany, 21.4.1988. Three tracks recorded on VHS from the 3SAT broadcast in December 2000. Now also digitalized on DVD.
  38. MJQ in Fabrik Hamburg 25.5.1988. Two CD's.
  39. MJQ at Münchener Klaviersommer, 14.7.1988. One color DVD.
  40. MJQ in Castle Hotel, Stockholm, 1989. One color DVD.Includes interviews.
  41. MJQ in Trieste, Teatro Verdi, 30.10.1989. One color DVD.
  42. MJQ at the Montreux Jazz Festival 29.7.1990. Two tracks on one CD.
  43. MJQ at the Montreal Jazz Festival 2.7.1990. On one track Quartet Quatuor Morency with MJQ. One color DVD.
  44. MJQ at the Concord Jazz Festival in Tokyo 11.11.1990.One CD and one color DVD with little bit different tracks. CD includes a rare piece "The Majesty of the Sun".
  45. MJQ at the Blue Note, Tokyo, 12.3.1991. Color DVD-RAM and DVD-R
  46. MJQ in Bologna, Teatro Medica, 17.4.1991. Two CDs.
  47. MJQ at St. Albany Jazz Festival 1991. One CD.
  48. MJQ at Jazz in Marciac, France 17.8.1991. Includes a rare piece "The Majesty of the Sun". Two CD's.
  49. MJQ in Osaka 1992. Two CD's.With Laurindo Almeida. Sound is not good.
  50. MJQ in Théâtre du Châtelet, Paris 18.10.1992. Mickey Roker on drums. One CD.
  51. MJQ in National Filharmonic Warsaw 5.12.1995. Albert Heath on drums. One color DVD.
  52. MJQ in Rome 11.12.1995. Albert Heath on drums. Two CD's.
  53. MJQ at Fujitsu Concord Jazz Festival Tokyo 1995. One color DVD. Albert Heath on drums.
  54. MJQ rare tracks. Two tracks KABC-TV Stars of Jazz #23 Telecast, Los Angeles 1958, one track from concert in Prague 1965 and some others included already on other CD's.