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Information checked based on the discography of Milt Jackson by Chris Sheridan, "Bag's Grooves". In autumn 2013 I got sad news that Chris is deceased.

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I have been collecting private recordings for many years, too. Here is a list of my private recordings.

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There exist many (re)issues by various record companies in USA, Europe, Japan and other countries often with another title of the record. Most recordings issued originally on LP are nowadays on CD. Videos are translated into DVD-format. These changes have in many cases resulted in a better sound quality and sometimes bonus tracks have been added. Moreover, there are various collections where MJQ is included. I try to collect all takes, but only once. I am grateful of corrections and comments I have already got.I wellcome all new comments, corrections and information about missing recordings and how to get them.


In the following you will find a list of my collection.

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The Modern Jazz Quartet , shortly MJQ, was the most long-lived and one of the most succesful jazzgroups.Its roots were in the rhythm section of Dizzy Gillespie's Big Band in the end of 40's. The nucleus of the group was the duo John Lewis on piano and Milt Jackson on vibes. With the bassist and drummer of the orchestra the group started to play as a quartet, in the beginning as Milt Jackson Quartet. In 1952 the name was changed to Modern Jazz Quartet. The arrangements of Lewis and his ideas about the style of performing began to influence more and more from the middle of the 50's. Percy Heath was the bassplayer and Connie Kay replaced Kenny Clarke at drums in 1955. These men played together until the end of 1974 when they disbanded for seven years. They rejoined in 1981 and played until the death of Kay in the end of 1994. During 1992-4 Mickey Roker replaced occasionally Connie Kay, who was ill. From 1995 Percy's brother Albert worked at the drums until 1997. On October 9th 1999 died Milt Jackson, 29th of March 2001 John Lewis and 28th of April 2005 Percy Heath--so the possibility to hear them live is over for ever. But their music lives! MJQ has been very succesful also outside the normal jazz audience.


1. In the beginning, 1946-52

The roots of MJQ were in the rhytm section of Dizzy Gillespie's big band in 1946. The rhytm section played occasionally for a while to give rest for the orchestra. They liked to play together and they also recorded for Dizzy's label in 1948. Soon the group developed to Milt Jackson Quartet of 1951-52. Besides John Lewis and Milt Jackson the sets included Kenny Clarke or Al Jones on drums, Al Jackson or Ray Brown on bass and Chano Pozo on conga. From this period are the following records:

  1. CD GALAXY 204, In the Beginning, tracks 9-12, 1948. First recording of the Quartet only.
  2. LP SAVOY-MUSIDISC 6002, Anthology MJQ, 1951-52 and CD DRCD 11238,Complete 1951 - 1953 Studio Sessions. This CD is a fine collection! Also CD Beginnings MJQ, Savoy Jazz SVY 17258 includes these Savoy sessions + two other tracks with Milt Jackson (not MJQ)
  3. LP BN-LA590-H2 (The Blue Note Re-issue series, a double LP), Milt Jackson All-star Bags, 1952. Includes Milt Jackson Quartet with Lou Donaldson. Also CD CDP 7 81509 2 Milt Jackson and Theolonius Monk Quintet.

    These musicians are heard on many records of Dizzy's Big Band from that time but the rhytm section is audible only occasionally; listen for ex. CD DIZ'N BIRD at Carnegie Hall (Sept. 29, 1947), LP "Dizzy Gillespie at the Downbeat Club, Summer 1947", Phontastic NOST 7629 and LP's Jazz Showcase 5000 and 5002: Dizzy goes to College, Vol 1 and 2 (Oct. 18, 1947). On the double CD "Algo Bueno, Dizzy Gillespie Story", Definitive Records DR2CD11138, double CD "Dizzy Gillespie Volume 7/8 1946" MJCD 129/130 on CD 2 there is soundtrack of movie "Jivin' in Bebop" and CD "Dizzy Gillespie Volume 9 1946-1947" MJCD 149 Lewis and Jackson are playing with various bass and drum musicians. The date 9th July 1946 is the first one when John Lewis and Milt Jackson were playing together on record. According to some data, Milt was playing with Lewis already 10th of June, 1946, but this is wrong /10/.

    Another CD in my collection, "The Birth of the MJQ-Milt Jackson" (AVID Records AMSC 769), includes record nr 2 and most of takes with Lou Donaldson + four tracks from the record number 5. At Birdland March 17, 1951, Milt and John played together in Dizzy's septet, which included also John Coltrane. LP OBERON 5100, Trane's First Ride 1951, track 7, and LP Broadcast Tributes 0009, First Broadcasts, Vol 2, tracks 7-9 (one very short). Another items, a double - CD in my collection, "Charlie Parker at Café Society Downtown and Birdland", ember EMBCD 509 (Disc 2, tracks 2-4) and LP "Charlie Parker-Ballads and Birdland", Klacto MG 101, include three tracks (one very short) with Milt Jackson Quartet, (Lewis, Jackson, Heath, Clarke), recorded 1st November 1952 from a broadcast at Birdland. This is probably the last time when the three letters "MJQ" meant the Milt Jackson Quartet. In December MJQ meant already the Modern Jazz Quartet, which recorded for Prestige on 22nd December 1952, record number 5.

    2. MODERN JAZZ QUARTET, drummer Kenny Clarke, 1952-55

    In the end of 1952 the group (Lewis, Jackson, Heath and Clarke) renamed itself the Modern Jazz Quartet. The group switched on to a more arranged style by Lewis. These records established the MJQ. For a few years Kenny Clarke worked at the drums. But he did not like the style in the longer run. So he quitted in february 1955.

  4. LP Ozone 22, JOHN LEWIS, KENNY CLARKE, BEN WEBSTER, MILT JACKSON, Rare Broadcast Performances, 1953 (On CD The Jazz Factory JFCD22814, BEN WEBSTER and THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET 1953 - An exceptional encounter.)
  5. LP Prestige 7749, First Recordings! THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET, 1952-55. (CD DRCD 11238 (Number 2 above) includes the A side of this LP). First classic pieces: Vendome, Django, Milano.
  6. LP Prestige PR(M)edium 5006 (Jazz Classic Series), : First recordings! / Sonny Rollins, tracks 4-7, B-side, 1953. Also first four tracks on CD Prestige 00025218111126 Sonny Rollins with the Modern Jazz Quartet.
  7. LP Session Disc 110, Hooray for Milt Jackson John Lewis Art Blakey Kenny Dorham. From radio broadcast at Birdland. On two tracks Art Blakey and Kenny Dorham with their group,1953.
  8. LP ALTO RECORDS AL 716 Collectors Issue, Classic Concepts MODERN JAZZ QUARTET, January 20, 23 and 30, 1955. From radio broadcast at Birdland.
  9. LP Session Disc 111, Hooray for MODERN JAZZ QUARTET January 30 and February 6, 1955.
  10. LP Session Disc 112, Hooray for MODERN JAZZ QUARTET & MAYNARD FERGUSON SEXTET, some tracks, Kenny Clarke's last performance in MJQ, February 6, 1955 on these two records. At least in 1983 he played in a concert in Hamburg with Ray Brown, Milt and John as they called "The Old Quartet", see item nr. 66 and item nr. 21 on my private recordings list.
  11. 3. MODERN JAZZ QUARTET, drummer Connie Kay, 1955-1994

    This quartet started in the first months of 1955. In 1956 MJQ signed with Atlantic record company, which gave Lewis more freedom to realise his ideas. The four men planned together a new image for the group. They started to work co-operatively: Lewis was the musical director, Jackson was the PR man, Heath was responsible for the wardrobe and Kay for the transport. And it worked. The group got possibilities to play at very respected places. They worked together until the end of 1974 and rejoined in 1981.This very elegant and in jazz history exceptionally long-lived group played together until the death of Kay in the end of 1994. Main part of their records as well as my collection is from this period. A new CD in my collection, "Miles Davis, European Tour '56 with The Modern Jazz Quartet & Lester Young", Definitive Records DRCD11294 includes two tracks with MJQ. First with Miles and Lester, on the second one Kurt Edelhagen Orchestra is added to them. From the same concert (Stadthalle, Freiburg, Germany,November 12,1956) is a tune called "Prezology" in a MP3 collection from 2007 including the earliest recordings. Actually this tune is "Bluesology", but is was named "Prezology" on a LP "American Jazzmen in Europe", Vantage LP 512 issued in 70's. On that LP this tune was the only one by MJQ+Kurt Edelhagen Orchester.Some tunes from this concert by MJQ are unissued. In November-December 1959 MJQ played with british musicians Ronnie Ross (baritone sax) and Joe Harriot (alto sax) at 16 concerts in UK. Some private recordings do exist; I have some, see my private recordings list. At least one MP3 downloadable recording of 10 tracks with guests exists: "Modern Jazz Quartet Free Trade Hall Manchester 1959". I thank Rodney Pledge for some music from these UK concerts.Some of the next recordings may be found in different mono and stereo versions. I thank Mr. Bill Bolden for his extensive research in this matter, see ref.13. The National Library of France has some MP3 mono versions on the label BnF. You may find them at Qobuz. Also on Mosaic's The Complete Atlantic Studio Recordings 1955-1964.

    A. 1955-1974

  12. LP Prestige PR 7005, MJQ Concorde, 1955. On CD Prestige LP 7005, Concorde, the Modern Jazz Quartet
  13. LP Atlantic SD 1231 and CD 7567-81329-2, FONTESSA THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET , 1956. Also on a recent CD Essential Jazz Classics EJC55424 with no. 18. Includes a fine booklet.
  14. CD Viper's Nest VN-161, 2 Degrees East 3 Degrees West, 1956, live at the Newport Jazz Festival
  15. LP Atlantic SD 1247, THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET AT MUSIC INN GUEST ARTIST: JIMMY GIUFFRE , 1956. A new CD,Lonehill Jazz LHJ10203, "The Modern Jazz Quartet & Jimmy Giuffre, Complete Recordings", includes nearly all (it misses two MJQ only-tracks from Atlantic 1247) music at this occasion at Music Inn, Lennox, Massachusetts, August 1956 (not only MJQ and Jimmy Giuffre) plus MJQ with Jimmy Giuffre on LP Atlantic SD 1345
  16. CD Definitive Records, DRCD 11294. Miles Davis EUROPEAN TOUR 1956 , 1956. Two tracks with MJQ see note above.
  17. A double CD Acrobat Records ADDCD3074, Jazz at the Philharmonic,Seattle 1956 includes four tracks by MJQ on CD 1. Previously unissued, so called Ackerman Tapes from Concerts organized by Norman Granz. The information on the CD 1 states, that MJQ plays five tunes with Sonny Stitt, Stan Getz and Dizzy Gillespie. Actually, it is MJQ without Milt Jackson.
  18. CD Jazz Haus #101731, The Modern Jazz Quartet in Germany 1956-1958 "LOST TAPES". Add Harald Banter Enseble on one track, Kurt Edelhagen Orchestra on two tracks.
  19. LP Ozone 16, LP MUSIDISC Jazz Anthology 30JA5207 and CD 550062, THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET LIVE 1956 , (year 1956 is wrong) in Europe Rare broadcast performances MODERN JAZZ QUARTET, From radio broadcasts at Birdland 6th January and 30th March 1957. Also as bonus tracks on CD PWR 27341 The Modern Jazz Quartet, but with wrong year 1956!
  20. CD NDR 60 Years Edition no 04, Modern Jazz Quartet in NDR Studio, 28th October 1957.
  21. LP Atlantic SD 1265, The Modern Jazz Quartet, 1957
  22. LP Atlantic SD 1284, THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET: ONE NEVER KNOWS "NO SUN IN VENICE" film score by John Lewis, 1957. This movie (in French "Sait-on Jamais...") is on DVD Éditions René Chateau Vidéo/EDV 1102, 2005. Also on a recent CD Essential Jazz Classics EJC55424 with no. 12. Includes a fine booklet.
  23. LP Atlantic SD 1345, Third Stream Music/ The Modern Jazz Quartet & Guests: The Jimmy Giuffre Three & The Beaux Arts String Quartet, 1957-59. Also on CD Wounded Birds Records WOU 1345.
  24. CD Verve 833290-2, The Modern Jazz Quartet Plus , Live 1957-71(sold also as "Walkman Jazz"). Includes the Historic Donaueschingen Jazz Concert 1957, LP MPS 15.489. Also The Modern Jazz Quartet part At the Opera House with Oscar Peterson Trio in 1957, LP Verve MV 2695. The CD includes one track not on Verve MV 2695. Also The Donaueschingen part on LP Ingo twelve.
  25. CD The Modern Jazz Quartet, 1957 COLOGNE, Gürzenich Concert Hall 6th November. Live. Delta Music & Entertainement GmbH & Co. KG, N 77 006.
  26. LP ingo twelve Limited edition for collectors, THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET live at Donauschingen 1957 and San Remo 1958
  27. DVD MJQ in studio in Paris, 10th April 1958, from INA897263, black and white, 35 min.
  28. LP Atlantic SD 1299, The Modern Jazz Quartet at Music Inn/Volume 2 Guest artist: Sonny Rollins , 1958
  29. Double CD INA, memoire vive, JAZZ sur la Croisette, Le Festival de Jazz de Cannes 1958.On CD nr. 2 two tracks.
  30. LP Solid State SS 18035, THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET/ ON TOUR , 1959 (same as "Patterns" and "Odds against tomorrow", a film score, "Odds Against Tomorrow"). The complete film score is on CD Sony Music AK 47487 , Bill Evans is playing piano, John Lewis is conducting. Zone 2 motion picture DVD by Optimum Releasing Ltd, OPTD 1601.
  31. LP I GIGANTI DEL JAZZ 5 Armando Curcio Editore, MODERN JAZZ QUARTET, live in Europe 1958. Same as CD CDC 7678 LRC, Longing for the Continent / Modern Jazz Quartet , live in Paris 1959 and two tracks with The Jazz Group de Paris in 1956. Tracks in different order and some tracks mistitled. The year 1958 on the sleeves is erroneous.
  32. CD The Modern Jazz Quartet, 1959 BONN, BEETHOVENHALLE. Live. Delta Music & Entertainement GmbH & Co. KG, N 77 001.
  33. LP Atlantic SD 1325 and CD Atlantic 7567-81340-2,PYRAMID THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET, 1959/60.(A new 180 gr Vinyl by Wax Time includes additionally "Vendome" from 1952 with Kenny Clarke, see record nr. 5).
  34. LP Atlantic SD 2-603 (Double LP), CD Collectables COL-CD-7836 the modern jazz quartet / european concert , Live in Scandinavia 1960. A very fine concert! Nearly the same concert was played in Paris 9th April 1960. Vol.1 and Vol.2 may be downloaded from 7digital. See the next item.
  35. 3 CD FA 5645, Live in Paris, MODERN JAZZ QUARTET 1960-1961. La Collection des grands CONCERTS PARISIENS, Frémeaux & Associés 2016. On CD 1 is the concert 9th April 1960. On CD 2 is the first part of the concert 4th November 1961 which started delayed and featured the MJQ without Milt Jackson. Four tracks on CD 2 and the CD 3 are from the second concert same evening.
  36. CD Atlantic Jazz 82763-2 (Double CD), MODERN JAZZ QUARTET / DEDICATED TO CONNIE ( recorded in 1960 in Ljubljana, issued in 1995 to commemorate Connie Kay). Also a very fine concert! CD 53219 GIANTS of JAZZ, The MODERN JAZZ QUARTET "Fontessa" The Little Comedy, live from the same concert as above, contains about a half of it, some tracks named differently.
  37. LP Atlantic SD 1359 and CD 8122-73320-2, THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET AND ORCHESTRA , 1960
  38. LP Atlantic SD 1390, CD Collectables COL-CD-7837 THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET / THE COMEDY , with Diahann Carroll on one track, 1960/62
  39. LP Atlantic SD 1381, CD Collectables COL-CD-7837 Lonely Woman / The Modern Jazz Quartet, 1962
  40. DVD idem Home Video IDVD1010, Ralph Gleason's Jazz Casual, THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET,May 1962, Black and White (+Cannonball Adderley Quintet) or DVD idem Home Video IDVD1048, 20th Century Jazz Masters Collection, Modern Jazz Quartet (+the Dave Brubeck Quartet + Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra). A fresh DVD, SALT PEANUTS 44616 MODERN JAZZ QUARTET "Django", includes the same material with MJQ + John Lewis in three other performances with different musicians. Interesting interviews included.
  41. LP Atlantic SD 1420, a QUARTET is a QUARTET is a QUARTET, 1963 (side one MJQ, side two Quartetto di Milano and Hungarian Gypsy Quartet)
  42. LP Atlantic SD 1414 and CD Wounded Birds Records WOU 1414, THE SHERIFF / THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET, 1963
  43. CD Douglas Music DM 10002, THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET: In a Crowd, Live at Monterey Jazz Festival 1963
  44. Video PNV 1037 (BBC Jazz 625 series), The Modern Jazz Quartet + Laurindo Almeida, black and white. Also Japanese DVD VPBR-11068. 1964.
  45. LP Philips 840224 BY,(same as Atlantic 1429) and CD Gambit Records 69273 THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET/ Guest star: Laurindo Almeida , 1964
  46. LP Philips 840234 BY ,(same as Atlantic 1440) and CD Gambit Records 69273 THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET plays the music from Porgy and Bess , 1965
  47. LP Atlantic SD 1449, Jazz Dialogue: The Modern Jazz Quartet and the All- Star Jazz Band , 1965
  48. CD east west japan AMCY-1188-9 (Double CD), The Modern Jazz Quartet Concert in Japan '66, Live. Another fine concert!
  49. LP Philips 840258 BY, (same as Atlantic 1468) BLUES AT CARNEGIE HALL/ The Modern Jazz Quartet, live at Carnegie Hall 1966. Really fine blues-music! The CD Collectables COL-CD-6279, Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers with Theolonius Monk/The Modern Jazz Quartet, Blues at Carnegie Hall, does not include two tracks of the LP.
  50. LP Philips 840257 BY, Place Vendôme/The Swingle Singers with The Modern Jazz Quartet , 1966
  51. LP Atlantic SD 1486, MJQ Live at the Lighthouse, 1967 Also CD Original master Recording MF CD 827.
  52. CD Armando Curcio Editore, Modern Jazz Quartet, 1967. According to /10/ this is about a half of a Concert in Paris, issued 1991
  53. LP Apple Records SAPCOR 4, THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET UNDER THE JASMIN TREE , 1967 A little bit different MJQ.
  54. LP Apple Records SAPCOR 10, SPACE THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET, 1969 Also this is a little bit different MJQ.This and the previous record are now (Autumn 2010) on CD Apple Records 5099990824524 with one previously unissued track "Yesterday". Very interesting new notes.
  55. DVD eagle vision EREDV 223, SUPERSHOW, 1969 MJQ plays two tracks.
  56. CD BJ015CD, Modern Jazz Quartet 1970 Live , 1970 Radio Broadcast from Théâtre de National ,Paris. Includes a 35 min. piece Kemek (Lewis composition for a movie "Kemek" (1970), not recorded later).
  57. LP Atlantic SD 1589 , the modern jazz quartet PLASTIC DREAMS, 1971 , re-issued in 2005 on CD Atlantic Masters 8122747022 remastered and with three previously unissued tracks (in fact two of them were in the box MJQ 40)
  58. CD Bandstand TKCB-70586, Modern Jazz Quartet, The Legendary Profile. Note the confusing title! The original title belongs to the Atlantic SD 1623. The cover gives year 1971, but the right one is 1972. Recorded from radio broadcast in Switzerland. Same as Seeds SRC 2107 "In Concert". The CD Ermitage NLM 0951, Modern Jazz Quartet, Live España 1971 is nearly the same and has wrong year and wrong place on the cover.
  59. CD RED 474984 2 Red Baron, Paul Desmond & The Modern Jazz Quartet ,1971
  60. LP Atlantic SD 1623, The Modern Jazz Quartet / The Legendary Profile , 1972. The CD version AMCY-1103 includes one bonus track.
  61. LP Little David LD 3001, In Memoriam performed by The Modern Jazz Quartet , 1973. In memoriam of the Lewis' teacher.
  62. LP Atlantic SD 1652 and CD Atlantic 7567-81393-2, The Modern Jazz Quartet / Blues on Bach, 1973. I like Bach and I like this as well.
  63. CD Atlantic Jazz 7 81976-2 (Double CD), The Modern Jazz Quartet / The Complete Last Concert (Really the complete concert (25.11.1974) in the original order including two additional tracks not on my vinyls Atlantic SD 2-909 "The Last Concert" and ATL 50 407 "More from the Last Concert" In my opinion, if one should have only one MJQ-record this is it!.

    B. Disbanded 1974 - 81

    According to the discography /10/ MJQ played a few times in 1975 based on bookings before the break-up.

    C. 1981-1994

    After many requests they rejoined for a concert at Budokan in Japan. As it happened they liked to play together again and so the show went on. On some latest records Connie Kay being ill was occasionally replaced by Mickey Roker. Connie Kay died in November 1994. So, it marked the end of this fine and long-lived quartet's fruitful period in this composition. Some unpublished material may be issued in the future.

  64. LP WEA 251210-1 Atlantic Jazz, The Modern Jazz Quartet / Reunion at Budokan 1981. This LP contains partly concerts on 19 and 20 October. The complete concert 20 October is on Pioneer Laser Disc MJ042-25LD called "Again". (See next item).
  65. DVD-R, The Modern Jazz Quartet, same as Pioneer Laser Disc MJ042-25LD called "Again", 1981
  66. LP Pablo Live D 2308-244, Together again! / Modern Jazz Quartet live at the Montreux Jazz Festival 1982
  67. CD All Blues Records ABR-005, "Funkhaus Hamburg 1983" Modern Jazz Quartet live, 1983. This CD includes the part with the "new MJQ". First part of the concert included a set of seven tunes with the "Old MJQ" (Lewis, Jackson, Clarke, Brown). See number 21 on the list of my private recordings. At least four tunes may be seen in YouTube.
  68. LP Pablo Digital D2312-142 , "Echoes" The Modern Jazz Quartet 1984-Together Again
  69. LP Pablo Records 2310-917, "Topsy" This one for Basie / The Modern Jazz Quartet , 1985. CD Pablo OJCCD-1073-2 (remastered in 2002) includes one alternate take as a bonus track.
  70. CD JF 1004, Modern Jazz Quartet, Standard Time, Live in Montreux 19-7-1985. A little bit different, but fine interpretations of familiar pieces.Radio Broadcast.The cover gives year 1986, but the discography/10/ gives this year.
  71. LP WEA 254833-1 Atlantic Jazz, THREE WINDOWS The Modern Jazz Quartet with the New York Chamber Symphony, 1987
  72. Video MMGVideo MMGV 075, Modern Jazz Quartet, 35 th Anniversary Concert,1987. DVD version TDK DV-JMJQ35. On video wrongly year 1990.
  73. LP EAST-WEST RECORDS 790926-1, THE MODERN JAZZ QUARTET: FOR ELLINGTON, 1988. The CD version East-West 90926-2 includes one bonus track, John Lewis' solo.Note that the double CD-pack including LP's For Ellington and Three Windows does not include the bonus track. (Collectables Jazz Classics).
  74. CD ACT 9001 "Tribute to Nesuhi". MJQ on two tracks, one with The Manhattan Transfer. (A two CD pack, the other one ACT 9002 "Brazilian Nights"). 1989 Montreux Jazz Festival. On DVD VIDEOARTS MUSIC Inc. VALJ-3388.
  75. Video View Video, Jazz Series, 1350, 40 Years of MJQ,1992. Mickey Roker on drums, Connie Kay was ill. With Arcata Chamber Orchestra. DVD version on TDK DV-JMJQ40.
  76. CD JAZZ DOOR 1244, The Modern Jazz Quartet, A Night at the Opera, 1992. Mickey Roker on drums.
  77. CD Atlantic Jazz 7567-82538-2, mjQ & friends / a 40th anniversary celebration, 1992-1993. Includes the last date of Connie Kay at drums, July, 16th 1993 live at the Montreux Jazz Festival. On several tracks Mickey Roker replaces Connie Kay.
  78. CD Universal Music Jazz France 159648-2, Philippe Sarde, Bandes Originales des Films de Sylvie Verheyde. Solistes John Lewis Milt Jackson Ron Carter. Tracks 1,3,5,7,9 from the Movie "Princesses", MJQ with de l'orchestre à cordes de Raphaël Pidoux.Year 1988??. (Other tracks include Ron Carter and a group Herbie Hancock, Clark Terry, Wayne Shorter, Larry Coryell, Toots Thielmans, Ron Carter, Tony Williams). Issued in 2000. I thank Takuo Yoshise from Japan for informing me about the existence of this record and many other recordings.
  79. CD Hallmark Cards. Diana Ross Making Spirits Bright, with The Modern Jazz Quartet, The King's Singers and The London Symphony Orcestra, Christmas Songs. Three tracks by MJQ, 1994. Mickey Roker on drums.
  80. CD Atlantic 7 82330-2, The Modern Jazz Quartet- MJQ 40, a special boxed set of four CD's (over 5 hours of music) and a fine booklet. Includes two previously unreleased tracks, set issued 1991
  81. CD Prestige 4PRCD 4438-2, The Complete Modern Jazz Quartet Prestige & Pablo Recordings, a four CD-box, issued 2003. CD 4 includes one previously unissued track. Very informative liner notes.
  82. CD Mosaic Records MD7-249, The Complete Atlantic Studio Recordings of the Modern Jazz Quartet 1956-1964, (actually the last take is in 1965) a seven CD-box, issued 2011, includes six alternate takes, three stereo, three mono versions of takes already on original LP's. At that time music was recorded and issued in mono and stereo versions and occasionally mono version (master) had a better sound quality. Very informative liner notes.

4. The last MJQ (1995-1997)

With Percy Heath's brother Albert "Tootie" Heath at drums MJQ continued until 1997, see reference 5 and 8.They realized a concert tour - their last? in 1995. I have some private recordings, MJQ in Tokyo, Warsaw and Rome 1995, (a few CD's and two DVD's) from this period.

5. The Legend is over

But after 9th of October 1999 only the legend stays: Milt plays no more among us. And the time goes by: the originator John Lewis passed away on March 29th 2001.And the last in turn was Percy Heath who died on April 28th 2005. Thanks them all for fine music!

6. The Musicians